Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to me :D

long time no touch my keyboard to type story for my blog , of course long time no see all of you. I just back from busy time and I'm glad to share a lot of story. Truly, i miss all of my blogging things, miss them so much. And I'm sorry for all of you because I can't reply your message in my chat box because i'm still busy. But, don't worry, if you want to contact me you can add my facebook account by send some wall or message and don't forget to tell if you're my blogger's friend because i will never reply message for strangers :)

By the way, I just celebrated my sweet 17th birthday party. Being 17th age girl, it's totally normal, nothing special just normal. One thing that i could understand since i became 17th age girl was it's time to be matured girl. I can't be childish no more. Because this life is more complicated and i must grow up become a matured, wise and the real woman .

When I was 16th, i just thought that being 17th is most difficult part because i must adapted with around me. Something new, something matured, something complicated and it's not simple like usual. But, after I through 9th August that's my birthday, I just said to myself  "Finally, i'm seventeen." Yes, I just said that.

Big thanks to all of my friends who gave me many many wishes and birthday greetings. It's so mean to me, so precious ;) THANKS
Big thanks to my lovely old class XD I love you all. Thanks for your surprises. I love it so much
big thanks to my besties, my junior high school friends, i'm totally love your surprises thanks :*

Thanks to everyone who prayed for me , thanks :)
i have 17 wishes for my birthday :
- be dilligent girl
- be good child for my parents, teacher and GOD :)
-more thin and pretty LOL
-become good friend to me
-become feminim and try to not tell everyone about my problem
-become more tallented
- i want this year and forever are my lucky year :)

that's all what i want for my wishes .And i hope that will be come true

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